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IOE theses abstracts in the IOE Repository and Google

April 14th, 2011 by Bryan in Library and Archives

We are now scanning the abstracts for IOE theses, OCR’ing them, and then mounting them as PDF’s in the IOE Repository (  So far we have added 40 abstracts, about half of the 2010 theses, and we will have all of the 2010 theses abstracts mounted in the coming months. In the future all IOE theses abstracts will be put into the IOE Repository.

We link the thesis library catalogue record to the abstract in the repository. For an example of how the catalogue records look visit the IOE Library Catalogue

The abstract are also searchable directly via the IOE Repository and the record looks like this

Additionally the abstracts are also searchable via Google. This means that if you type in the title of one of our theses Google will retrieve both the IOE Repository record and the direct link to the PDF of the abstract. See the Google title keyword search for an IOE thesis. The first hit is for the IOE Repository record and the second is a direct link to the PDF.

At the moment most 2010 IOE theses abstracts are searchable in this way and within a couple of months all 2010 theses abstracts will be; all new IOE theses abstracts are now being scanned and mounted as a matter of routine.

If you find an IOE thesis that is of interest to you and you want more information on how to access our theses collection please visit or email the Library Enquiry Desk at

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  1. Jessica Says:

    As much as we archivists and librarians love a complicated search, it’s great to see the library keeping up with the ways regular folk look stuff up!

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