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“Research supervisors and information literacy”

October 31st, 2011 by Nazlin Bhimani in Library and Archives, Research Support

A report commissioned by the Research Information Network (RIN) on the role of research supervisors in information literacy has just been published. I hope to highlight the findings of this report at the first research supervisors training session in mid-November.  However, for the benefit of those who may not be at this meeting, I have summarised the key findings which I hope will provide a basis for discussions between the research staff and the librarians.

The purpose of the ‘Research supervisors and information literacy’ report is to gauge the extent to which PhD supervisors, who are recognised for development of the research students’ subject knowledge, are also expert in imparting crucial information literacy skills and advising their students on how to develop these skills and where to find appropriate training. The RIN commissioned this report as a follow-up on the RIN’s “Mind the Skills Gap” report of 2008 in which a key finding was that research supervisors do not generally recognise the need for the research student to be ‘information literate’.  The findings are based on the results emanating from two online surveys (one targeted to supervisors and the other to research students) and five institutional case studies. Read the rest of this entry »