The Primary Curriculum that never was…

In January 2008, the then Secretary of State for Education, Ed Balls asked Sir Jim Rose to lead an independent review of the Primary national curriculum. This was an enormous undertaking – views were collected from over 1500 organisations, local authorities and schools by the QCA. In addition there is a long list of many other eminent educationalists, organisations, charities, pressure groups and teachers listed as having submitted evidence which you can see in the review report Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum : Final Report (also available in print in the library). A post on the blogging site Personalised Education Now from Ed Balls in November 2009 sums up the process, and it was agreed that the new curriculum would be implemented from September 2011. Cue, lots of work, training and activity to prepare the schools, and the teachers to be ready. This year’s teacher training intake would of course have been working to the new curriculum. Then – a new government, a new decision. Ministers confirmed on 7 June 2010 that it would not proceed. There is now no reference to the Primary Curriculum 2010 on the QCDA website – it’s as if it never existed. However, we have print copies in the library, plus copies of Sir Jim Rose’s review reports (both interim and final). Just to be clear though – the most recent and still current Primary Curriculum is that originally published in 1999 and available on the National Curriculum website. Who knows what will happen next? Here in the Library we’ll be keeping a close eye on events…

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1 Response to The Primary Curriculum that never was…

  1. Peter Cunningham says:

    … and if you search for Rose Review on the web it now takes you to the National Archive! (Is this a record?)
    Thanks, and congratulations on documenting an extraordinary episode in curriculum history and politics.

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