A good question lives on

If you’re considering researching an education question, you may find that question has already been asked. Why not have a look at the E-librarian at the Teacher Training Resource Bank (TTRB) ?

The TTRB is not only a bank of articles about education, but a bank of education questions published online by the E-librarian service. Since 2006, the E-librarian was a question and response service hosted by the TTRB and run by IOE librarians. The way it worked was: a questioner registered and submitted a research question, IOE E-librarians emailed a response and they often published the question/response online. For four years, the service was highly evaluated and well used by individual users as well as the many others who viewed and downloaded questions online.  

Alas, in September 2010, funding was cut for the E-librarian and the TTRB. Yet although there are no longer E-librarians to respond to questions, the legacy lives on in the thousands of questions and responses still searchable and available on the TTRB website. This bank of questions/responses includes reliable education sources as well as suggested search strategies— an ideal platform from which to launch your own personalised searches.

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