‘Our School’

As I’m currently cataloguing a collection of photographs that mostly covers schools in the post-war period I was interested to hear about the BFI’s Shadows of Progress: British Post-war Documentary Film season, which includes a showing of four films by John Krish, one of which is titled ‘Our School’. The documentary, made in 1962, looked at the options offered to school leavers. Krish (who also directed the opening credits of The Avengers!) discusses his work, including the making of the film in a secondary modern school in Hertfordshire, on the BBC Radio 4 programme, Front Row.

‘Our School’ is one of  four films that make up A Day in the Life: Four Portraits of Post-War Britain, being shown at the BFI, until 30 November.

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  1. Antony says:

    If you can’t get along to the BFI South Bank to see the John Krish films, ‘Our School’ is available on the BFI’s Screenonline service at: http://www.screenonline.org.uk

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