There may be trouble ahead… libraries in the news

In these uncertain times, those us working in organisations that are fully, or even part funded by the state, are well aware of the difficulties that may come our way. However this article and video made me aware of the dire situation some local libraries face. Personally, I balked at the idea of a library in a pub. And while it may be that libraries are eventually staffed by willing volunteers, it makes me very sad that the skills of librarians will feel devalued.

Also, where will the children read? Outside on the picnic benches with a bottle of Panda Pops?

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2 Responses to There may be trouble ahead… libraries in the news

  1. Gwyneth says:

    See Phil Bradley’s fabulous word cloud

  2. Christina Egan says:

    Not only money is currently redistributed from bottom to top, but also books. Those able to pay the price will continue to have abundant resources at good school and college libraries (or so one hopes), whereas those without books of their own and without internet access will be deprived of all support. Young children will not see the picture books in their own language and in English which their local library provided; unemployed citizens will not find the handbooks and computers which they need to find work; and, worst of all, people without the dough for a coffee-bar coffee or the Tube will not get free newspapers.

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