Save Our Libraries Day, 5th February

Copyright - CILIP

If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you agree with the importance of access to library services. Although, as a research library this doesn’t apply to us directly, I feel it’s important to support our close relatives, the public libraries. CILIP have put together a campaign to support local libraries, read on or find out more at

5th February is a day of action to bring greater attention to the cuts and closures facing many public libraries. The Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals wanteveryone who cares about reading, literacy and libraries to use their public library on the 5th February and tell as many people as they can to do the same. Go to your local library on the 5th and borrow all the books you can. If you’re not a member, then join, and then borrow all the books you can.

Government budget cuts are hitting libraries disproportionately hard. Around a third of them could go. Once they’re gone they’re probablynot coming back. Public libraries benefit a lot of people and they saysomething about us – what we value and care about as a society.

Tell as many other people as you can about Save Our Libraries Day and ask them to borrow all the books they can from their library.

Mark Taylor, CILIP media spokesperson said “Libraries play an important role in giving everyone equal access to
reading, learning, inspiration and literacy. If you agree, please get involved on the 5th and support services that are at risk of disappearing completely”.

And on the theme of non-violent direct library based action check out this article.

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