More photographs relating the the IOE’s past

I’ve recently been cataloguing some photographs of the Institute and thought I’d share a couple that struck me as interesting.

I really liked this one of the rooftop greenhouse. Now, I know there is a roof garden somewhere up on a level I rerely visit, but I’ve not yet managed to find my way out onto it. I think the greenhouse in this picture is probably long gone but I bet they grew some good tomatoes in there with little to shade them! I heard recently about some gardens springing up round the Bloomsbury campus so it’s nice to see some of the ideas related to the original intentions of the building being continued.

The Bedford Way rooftop greenhouse (ref IE/PHO/3/12) . c1978. Image courtesy of Mike Tomlinson


I was also interested to find this image of the Southampton Row building which housed the London Day Training College, the predecessor to the IOE. There are more that show it’s interior in the archive.

  London Day Training College (ref IE/PHO/3/35). c1907.

There are plenty more photographs relating to the Institute, including ones of staff and students. Although they’re not on the online catalogue yet, you can consult them in the archive reading room, and there is a little information about the Institute records here.

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1 Response to More photographs relating the the IOE’s past

  1. rebecca rees says:

    i think I visited this greenhouse a few, maybe 7, summers back. We saw concorde’s last flight from the railing just outside (made a good break from work in the outbuildings!)

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