Say Cheese!

Finding this photograph in the records of the BFES/SCE Association brought back long forgotten memories of the big annual event at primary school – the class photograph. The evening before always involved my poor mum having to sit and put plaits in my damp hair so that in the morning I would have a wonderful 80s crimped-bouffant effect; and a dress that pushed the boundaries of the ‘boring’ red and white gingham was selected.

On the actual day we were all lined up – in the school hall if wet and on the playing field if dry – to see who would be selected for the middle position on the back row (and therefore win the important accolade of being the tallest in the class that year). And when the photo came back? Well there was always at least one person with their eyes closed, looking the wrong way or pulling a silly face on purpose. But I don’t think any of my class photos ever quite captured the look of pure happiness captured on the faces of these young children from Bückeburg School in Germany. Mind you the boy in the bottom right clearly was not impressed by the photographer’s cajoling to ‘Say Cheese!’…

Bückeburg School in Germany (Ref: BFE/B/3/15)

Bückeburg School in Germany (Ref: BFE/B/3/15)

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1 Response to Say Cheese!

  1. Glenn Hopkins says:

    Thank You Becky for this article!.
    The photo brought memories flooding back for me,as i was a pupil at BFES Buckeburg from 1969-73,and as an army child(one of seven boys) i saw many schools around the world,but this one was VERY special.
    The teachers were amazing,they were more like family,and inspired us in all that we did.
    I can remember Mr Woods(now a schools inspector when last contacted,a year or two ago,possibly retired now)
    Also Miss Jackson,Mr H.Bignall,Miss Norfolk,and Brian Collier the Headmaster.
    Memorable times were the nativity play each christmas,school sports day shortly before the summer holidays(Hooray!!!),the meeting of the 1st Buckeburg cub scouts,each friday evening in the school hall(50 pfennig subs!),and excursions all over the area,visiting historical sites,the amazing outdoor pool,boat ride on the mitteland canal,the wonderfull Buckeburg Schloss(castle).
    On one ocassion, i remember Miss Jackson taking myself and other class members to an evening circus performance,at her own expense and own time.
    These were wonderfull times for us all,when going to school was a thing to look forward to,and moulded each and every one of us youngsters, into the adults we are today,
    I hope other educational facilities can,in some way, match up to the educational template that BFES Buckebur was.
    Amazing Days………….

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