New library display – brush up on your Shakespeare!

From our guest blogger, Beverley:

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is commonly agreed to have been born and died on April 23rd.

The current display on level 4 of the library tries to show the breadth of the range of materials relating to Shakespeare that are available in the library. These include books, videos, DVDs and wall charts. The material covers both Shakespeare’s works and how to teach them, and also his life and times.

One aspect of the display concentrates on the influence Shakespeare has had on other branches of the arts. For example, authors use quotations from his plays and poems as titles for their own works. Film makers make films which can be a straightforward record of a play or an adaptation to suit their own times and culture.

The results can be sublime. Kenneth Brannagh’s 1996 version of ‘Hamlet’ was the first time the complete text was filmed and is highly acclaimed. At the other extreme is the ridiculous ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ (2010).

Anyone who thinks Shakespeare is not relevant to them, should visit this display on Level 4 of the library and read the poster about how many words and phrases in common usage originated in his works.

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