Steamship sports programme, 1934

Just something I found today in a folder from the Fred Clarke collection

Sports programme from the RMS “Armadale Castle”, 1934 (ref FC/4/34)

I’m intrigued by the “Potato Races”, and what could “Are you there?” possibly be? Hide and seek? I think I’d probably do best at the not-very-athletic sounding “Thread the Needle Race”…

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2 Responses to Steamship sports programme, 1934

  1. Kathryn says:

    The Blind-Fold driving race sounds pretty scary!

  2. Sean Curran says:

    it seems unfair that the men have to do the potato race blindfolded! I’d like to think that the race consists of dressing up as a giant potato and just waddling to the finish line. Maybe it’s more likely to be a potato rolling competition? Or maybe an early version of masterchef where the winner was the one who could fashion the most exciting potato-based dish whilst running a marathon.

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