School Histories Project Open Days

By Shirley Franklin


Wed 29th June 2011   10.00 – 2.00 pm

Mon 4th July 2011       2.00 – 6.00 pm


In the Library, Institute of Education

The Library now has a fascinating School Histories Collection – a unique collection providing an unrivalled source of information and insight into the past. As such, it provides valuable material that tells the stories of a wide range of schools, in a variety of different genres. It also presents young people with a fascinating opportunity for investigating their school and community’s past, enabling them to find out about the history of their own and other schools –buildings, discipline, uniform, sports and former pupils.

Come and see our unique book and pamphlet collection of School Histories –

  • Get a FREE teaching pack, full of activities and resources
  • Pick up some Factsheets to help you to do your own research into your local school
  • Talk to us about your ideas

What people have said about our teacher’s pack –

‘An excellent resource…’

‘I only wish I had had access to something along those lines when I was researching the history of Stamford High School..’

‘It’ll be really useful for my teaching about Victorian schooling at KS2…’

‘I’ll use it for our KS3 project for our 150 year centenary’

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