The IEE is now online and completely searchable

Back in October 2010, I attempted to get you excited about a new edition of the International Encyloclopedia of Education (IEE). Since then, I haven’t noticed a stampede in the Reference section, but I’m hoping our recent acquisition of the online version  might get a few pulses racing.

The International Encyloclopedia of Education (IEE) (3rd edition)  provides scholarly articles from academics world-wide now available either online or in 8 volumes.

The  advantages of the online version of the encyclopedia are numerous:

  • Access is 24-hour, remote, multi-user
  • Navigation is easy or more advanced
  • Searches can be built and re-run
  • Linking is extensive by cross-references and dynamic linking to articles
  • Formats for articles are available as full-text HTML or PDFs that can be viewed, downloaded or printed

*An added bonus is that  IEE is a part of the Science Direct and Elsevier platform so users can either search Science Direct and get IEE articles or search the IEE and get ‘related articles’ outside the IEE.

To access the IEE inside the IOE, you can find links on the library catalogue or on the Education databases page. If you are accessing outside the IOE, use the IOE Portal, then the catalogue or databases pages.

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