Princeton bans academics from handing all copyright to journal publishers

The aim is to broaden the reach and impact of Princeton’s research output.  They have adopted a new open access policy  which new  gives the university the “nonexclusive right to make available copies of scholarly articles written by its faculty, unless a professor specifically requests a waiver for particular articles.” 

The policy  takes away from academics one right: the right to give away all the rights to their article when they sign a copyright assignment. The policy forces the University (and in turn the academics) to retain some rights, so that even as the journal publishes an article,  a copy can be posted  on the university’s website.

Here at the IOE , we are still doing what most  UK institutions do.  We comply with publishers’ existing terms and conditions, which almost always ban the  reuse of the publishers’ own final PDF and also impose a time embargo on the reuse of even the author’s final submitted version.

So, today, The IOE Institutional Repository still has 26 journal article full texts from 2009  waiting for the expiry of their time embargo.  They will soon join the 86 where the full text is already freely available to all.

Unfortunately we still dont have the full texts of a further 148 journal articles published in 2009.  IOE authors should continue to send their “final submitted versions” of their publications to .

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