Postal Loan & Photocopies Service

Here in the Institute of Education Library we offer a great service for students who live far from the university and are unable to visit regularly. Those who subscribe to the Postal Loan & Photocopies Service can request books or journal articles through the catalogue to be posted to their home address, the users currently subscribed find this an invaluable service that helps to facilitate their research and studies from a distance.

Who can use this service?

The Postal Loans and Photocopies service is available to staff and students and the service is offered on a pre-paid subscription basis and provides access to Library collections for users who have difficulty accessing them in person. These may be:

– students registered on distance mode courses
– users who live at a distance from the Institute
– users with disabilities
– users with work, family or other commitments that make accessing the library in Full Service hours difficult

Postal loans

All postal loan items will be sent out at the discretion of the Library. We deal with requests on a daily basis, Monday to Friday. We will send standard 3-week and 8-week loan items. The loan period for postal loan items is 6 weeks, renewable for further 3 week periods.

Postal photocopies

The postal photocopies service provides photocopies of journal articles and book chapters. Users will not have to return items.

Copyright issues

We will photocopy journal articles and chapters from books as long as we remain within copyright legislation. Users must sign a copyright declaration form for each request made.

Making a request

Subscribers may request postal loans and photocopies by:

– placing a request directly through the Library Catalogue, using the Postal Loan/Photocopy button
– post (Postal Loans, Information Services, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H OAL)
– fax (020 7612 6093)
– email (

Full bibliographic details (as given in the catalogue) and the library location are needed for each item.
If books cannot be found on the shelves or are already on loan, we will automatically reserve them for you unless you ask us not to.

Returning items

Items can be returned in person or by post, securely wrapped and protected, addressed to:

Postal Loans,
Issue Counter,
Information Services,
20 Bedford Way,
London WC1H OAL


You must pay an initial deposit and additional instalments in advance. The initial deposit is £30 or multiples thereof. Users can replenish accounts using cash, cheque, or credit / debit cards.

Postal loans addressed to:

UK and Ireland – £3.00 per item
European Union – £5.00 per item
Other international – £10.00 per item.

Postal photocopies addressed to:

UK and Ireland – £2.50 for 1-20 pages, and then 10p per page
European Union – £3.50 for 1-20 pages, and then 10p per page
Other international – £5.00 for 1-20 pages, and then 10p per page.

Cost of returning items

Users are responsible for returning books at their own cost. We recommend that you return books by recorded delivery. Users are responsible for books until the library receives them.


Our standard fine rates and billing procedures for lost books apply to all items supplied through the postal loans service.

I have attached the application form and the copyright declaration form to this post as PDFs. If you have any questions, you can email

Postal Loan Application

Copyright Declaration Form

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