New guides

If you’re new to the IOE and haven’t yet browsed around our library website you may have missed our Guides page. We have guides to all kinds of resources and help with using them and in particular we suggest you have a look at our new online tour, particularly useful if you’re not able to visit in person.  Another useful resource for everyone  is the  British Education Index where you will find references to journal articles and conference papers on all aspects of education;  better still you will find that most of the references link to the full text of the article so you can study wherever you are, 24/7.

There is always something new happening in the Library and Archives so we thought it was time to produce a guide specifically aimed at IOE staff.  We hope you’ll find this useful and we’d welcome your comments and suggestions both on the guide and the services we offer; please do take the time to contact your Faculty Librarian or any other member of the Library and Archives team.

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1 Response to New guides

  1. Jessica says:

    We also have subject specific guides covering relevant archive collections and small bilbiographies on the archive subject guide page

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