New books in the Library

The Newsam Library doesn’t have a physical new books shelf, but you can still see the flow of new material being added to the IOE library catalogue here.

The lists are normally in reverse publication date order – ie the most recent first.  If the cataloguing team are having a particularly productive spurt, their output  will exceed the maximum sortable number and you will see the titles listed  in a more random order.

Today the new Main Collection titles are being listed with the most recent first and these are the top ten:

  • Learning theory and online technologies, by Harasim, Linda M.
  • Critical realism and spirituality, by Hartwig, Mervyn
  • Creative learning for inclusion : creative approaches to meet special needs in the classroom, by Sellman, Edward
  • Teaching foreign languages in the primary school, by Maynard, Sally
  • Educational experiences of hidden homeless teenagers : living doubled-up, by Hallett, Ronald E
  • Evolutionary playwork : reflective analytic practice, by Hughes, Bob
  • Learning outside the classroom : theory and guidelines for practice by Beames, Simon
  • Active ageing, active learning : issues and challenges, by Boulton-Lewis, Gillian
  • Using narrative in research, by Bold, Christine
  • The future university : ideas and possibilities, by Barnett, Ronald

If you look online you might think that the IOE library has entered a time warp, as our catalogue gives all these items a publication date of 2012.  We are simply following cataloguing convention (and international standards) which dictate that what is printed in the book is “the truth”.

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1 Response to New books in the Library

  1. Antony says:

    Since all of the ‘virtual’ new books shelf are adult non-fiction, this seems like a good time to mention National Non-Fiction Day which might be of interest to users of our Curriculum Resources collection. See for more information.

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