More UK archive film now online

This month the East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA) has completed a major cataloguing and digitisation programme designed to enable wider access to its holdings, and some 200 hours of material is now available online. The EAFA is unusual in that although a proportion of its material is from amateur sources, it also has significant collections from the region’s former ITV company Anglia Television and from the BBC.

Users looking for film material on education in the past will find the archive offers both a ‘Highlights’ option – School days – as well as a subject ‘Browse’ leading to Education & training items. Additionally a standard search using free text is available.

Particular items which caught my eye were:

  • Certificate of Secondary Education (1973) – a promotional film from the East Anglian Examinations Board, which brought back memories of being involved in the trial year for CSEs in my distant school career.
  • Mathematics and the village (1967) – where pupils from Cottenham Village College explore shapes, numbers and measurement in school and around their village.
  • Milton Road Infant School (1935) – a day in the life of a Cambridge primary, where the children are obviously aware of the camera, but also appear to have come to school in their “Sunday best” for the film maker.
  • Finding a book in the UEA Library (1970) – unedited out-takes from a film about using the card catalogue (I suspect that one might be for nostalgic librarians only!).

As well as this online content from the EAFA the Library also has a range of DVDs in stock produced in conjunction with the archive.

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