1930s Prospectuses of Teacher Training Colleges

I came back to work from a short break to find a newly deposited collection on my desk – the collection of prospectuses dating from the 1930s from various Teacher Training Colleges which were part of the British and Foreign School Society Collection at Brunel University Archives.

There are 45 prospectuses and general information leaflets  in this collection and they represent teacher training colleges all over the country.  A quick search on the catalogue shows that we have very few prospectuses for the various teacher training colleges so this is a welcome addition.

Part of promoting any collection is to find related materials in the Library & Archives in which the collection resides.  I hope to do this in a little more detail but the book,  The Training of Teachers:  memorandum drawn up by the Joint Standing Committee of the Training College Association and Council of Principals (1938) published by the University of London Press is a good starting point and provides a contemporary account of the recommended curriculum for teacher training in the UK.   In the New Year, I hope to be able to link more materials from our collections to this one.  For now though, below is a list of the colleges represented in this collection (as supplied by Brunel University Archives):

  • Coleg Hyfforddi Morgannwg, Barri -1938-9
  • Catholic Training College, Cavendish Square, London
  • Training College for Teachers (Bedford Educational Association), The Crescent, Bedford
  • Bedford Froebel Training College – Provisional Prospectus
  • Brighton Municipal Training College for Women
  • The College, Chester
  • Oxford Diocesan Training College, Culham – General Rules for the Direction of Students in Residence
  • Diocesan Training College for Teachers, Derby – Prospectus
  • Dudley Training College for Teachers (Men and Women) – Prospectus
  • Endsleigh Training College, Beverley High Road, Hull – Prospectus
  • Furzedown Training College, London – Prospectus
  • Gipsy Hill Training College
  • Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Training College, Fishponds, Bristol
  • Goldsmiths’ College, University of London – Prospectus of the Training Department, 1937-38
  • Hockerill Training College, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.
  • Homerton Training College for Women Teachers, Cambridge.
  • Municipal Training College and Hostels, Hull
  • Kenton Lodge Training College – Prospectus
  • Liverpool Mount Pleasant Training College
  • Neville’s Cross College for the training of Women Students, Durham – Prospectus
  • Norwich Training College
  • City of Leeds Training College – Handbook
  • Lincoln Diocesan Training College
  • East Midlands Training College, Loughborough College, Leicestershire – Prospectus
  • Portsmouth Training College – Prospectus, Session 1937-38
  • Ripon, Wakefield and Bradford Diocesan Training College, Ripon, Yorkshire
  • St. Charles’s Training College for Catholic Women Teachers – Prospectus 1937 & 1938
  • St. Gabriel’s Training College for Women Teachers – 1937-1938
  • St. Hilda’s College, Durham – Diocesan Training College for Women & Hall of Residence for the University of Durham
  • St. John’s College, York – Prospectus
  • St. Katherine’s College, Liverpool (formerly Warrington Training College)
  • St. Katherine’s Training College, Tottenham – Report 1939-40
  • The College of S. Mark and S. John, Chelsea – Prospectus for the Session 1938-39
  • St. Mary’s College (Church of England Training College for Women), Cheltenham – Prospectus, August 1937
  • St. Mary’s Training College, Lancaster Gate, London – 1938
  •  St. Mary’s Training College for Catholic Women Teachers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Prospectus
  • St. Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill, Middlesex – Prospectus
  • Prospectus of St. Paul’s College, Cheltenham
  • Salford Training College for Teachers, Manchester – Prospectus
  • Diocesan Training College, Salisbury – Prospectus
  • Training College for Teachers, Sheffield
  • The Sheffield City Training College for Teachers – Prospectus of Short Courses in Music for Teachers (Men and Women)
  • Sunderland Training College, Langham Tower
  • Whitelands College, Putney
  • St. Mary’s College, Bangor


Nazlin Bhimani

About Nazlin Bhimani

Research Support and Special Collections Librarian, UCL Institute of Education, London
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30 Responses to 1930s Prospectuses of Teacher Training Colleges

  1. Kim Baish says:

    Is there any chance of obtaining a copy of the Norwich Training College Prospectus? I will obviously pay for the copy and any cost associated with posting. Many thanks.

  2. marcella bailey says:

    Hi My Mother is now 79 yrs and went to the Hull Municipal Training Teachers College during the early 1950s , I am travelling up To Hull today on business for a few days and have been asked by my Mother to check our the site at Cottingham Rd, although we know it is no longer in use for teaching training, is there any chance of getting a prospectus for the early 1950s, Mum had very happy memories of her time in Hull and kept in touch with one of her tutors until the 1990s.

    • Nazlin says:

      Hello Marcella, Apologies for the late response to your comment on this post. It seems that your contribution got mixed up with the spam that we often get on this blog. Please can you tell me whether you still want the prospectus? Please send your response to n.bhimani@ioe.ac.uk. Many thanks, Nazlin

  3. Sharon Cooper says:

    Please can you tell me what year is the Brighton Municipal Training College for Women prospectus?

  4. Nazlin says:

    Hello Sharon, there is no date on this report but I think the Brighton Municipal Training College for Women prospectus dates approximately 1931-33 as this is when Miss H. J. Hartle was the principal (see: http://www.educationengland.org.uk/documents/hadow1931/3113.html and http://www.educationengland.org.uk/documents/hadow1933/3310.htm on the Hadow Report which lists Miss Hartle. Hope this helps? Nazlin

  5. Rachel Mortishire-Smith says:

    I am just compiling a 50th wedding anniversary album for my parents who were at St Mary’s and St Paul’s teacher training colleges (in ’64 and ’65 I imagine), and I myself was at Homerton – would it please be possible to see copies of these three documents from your list?

    • Nazlin says:

      Hi Rachel, The prospectuses I have listed all date from the 1930s but I would be happy to send you copies. Please can you confirm which of the St. Mary’s prospectuses you are interested in? Best wishes, Nazlin

  6. Penny Trickett says:

    Hi, I’m interested in finding out more about the prospectus you have for Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Training College, Fishponds, Bristol. My great aunt was on the teaching staff there from 1909 until about 1930. Thanks for your help.

    • Nazlin says:

      Hello Penny, Apologies for the delay in responding to your comment – it got mixed up with spam comments. I will respond to your question by email. Best wishes, Nazlin

  7. Joyce M says:

    I’d be very grateful for a scan of the Kenton Lodge College prospectus, if possible. My mother and her future sister-in-law were students there in the 1930s.
    Best wishes, Joyce

    • Nazlin says:

      Hello Joyce, thank yo for your interest in the 1930 Teacher Training Colleges Prospectuses Collection. I am happy to provide a scanned copy and will send you information regarding your request to your email address. Best wishes, Nazlin


    Hello,I would be interested in St. Katherine’s Training College Report for the years 1939-40, as I am researching my family history. I wonder whether you could kindly scan the report and send it to my email address.
    Many thanks for your kind attention,

  9. Veronica Grey says:

    I am helping to compile a 60th birthday book of memories for a friend. Would it be possible to scan a copy of the Neville’s Cross College prospectus; we both attend the college from 1970- 75 as trainee teachers?

    Vron Grey

  10. John Slater says:

    Hi, my wife and myself were students at Dudley Teacher Training College. Is there a chance of obtaining a copy of your Dudley prospectus so I can make it available via Friends Reunited?
    Best wishes,
    John Slater

    • Nazlin Bhimani says:

      Hi John, I’ll see if we can digitise the prospectus for you and send it to you. Thanks for your interest in the collection. All the best, Nazlin

      • Nazlin Bhimani says:

        Hi John, We have photographed the prospectus and I am happy for you to have a copy but I would prefer for the copy not to be shared on Friends Reunited. If there are others that would be interested, please ask them to contact us.

        Can you confirm your email address please by sending me a message at n.bhimani@ucl.ac.uk. Many thanks, Nazlin

  11. Vicky Stewart says:

    My mother who is now 96 was at the Catholic Training College, Cavendish Square, London (1936-1939) and I trained at St Marys College, Strawberry Hill. Any chance of having copies of these prospectuses? I would love to show both of them to my mother, she’d be thrilled!

  12. Hi, I see you have nothing from Avery Hill Teacher Training College, Eltham, LONDON (1906-1985). Would you like me to see whether we have any spare, or would this corrupts the Fonds?

    • Nazlin Bhimani says:

      I would be delighted to add more to our collection so please do let me know if yo uhave a spare copy, Will. Many thanks, Nazlin

  13. Linda Quinney says:

    I believe there was a training college for domestic science in the Leicester area during the early 1930s. Is it possible that this was the one you have listed as “East Midlands Training College, Loughborough College, Leicestershire” ? I wonder if you could please send me a scanned copy of this prospectus so that I could check some details?

  14. Elizabeth Keogh says:

    Please could you tell me how much it will be to obtain a copy of the Endsleigh catalogue ?
    My mother was there from 1936-1938
    many thanks Nazlin

    • Nazlin Bhimani says:

      Hello Elizabeth, Thanks for your message. I’ll have a look to see whether we have a scanned copy of the prospectus when I’m back in the office and back to you. Best wishes, Nazlin

    • Nazlin Bhimani says:

      Hello Elizabeth, We do have a scanned copy of the prospectus for Endsleigh Training College in Hull. It is not dated but came to us as part of a college of 1930s prospectuses. Please can you send me a message at nazlin.bhimani@ucl.ac.uk so that I can send you the copy. Many thanks, Nazlin

  15. Elizabeth Keogh says:

    thanks Nazlin very much.

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