Going graphic in Curriculum Resources

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DragonA useful feature of Who next…? : a guide to children’s authors (see previous post) is the section on graphic novels. Once shunned, graphic novels have now become acceptable in both school and public libraries, as well as in classrooms. Research also seems to show that boys, often reluctant readers, are more likely to read comics, and thus find the graphic format attractive.

Recognising their value as tools for reading, we have recently acquired a range of graphic books, both fiction and nonfiction, and some of this new material is currently on display in the Library.

The following are some notable recent graphic books added to our Curriculum Resources collection:

  • A non-fiction series on medical conditions from Medikidz
  • Four children’s classics from Campfire
  • Titles from Classical Comics, including teaching resource packs with CD-ROMs
  • Earlier in the year we acquired several titles in the Graphic Biographies series

To see all our graphic book titles, simply enter the term graphic novels in the catalogue search box and click on Subject.

For a comprehensive guide to using the graphic novel format, see Michele Gorman’s 2003 publication Getting graphic! Using graphic novels to promote literacy with preteens and teens. For graphic novels for younger readers, see her 2008 publication Getting graphic! Comics for kids.

Additional useful material from a UK perspective can be found in the Resources section of the National Literacy Trust website.

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