Library Postal Loans and Photocopying Service

Do you live far away from the Institute Library and find that because of this, you are unable to enjoy the full benefits of the rich physical library collection here at the IOE?

Then the Postal Loans and Photocopying Service might be the thing for you!

“For students such as myself, who do not live in the UK, it really is an invaluable service.”

“…as a part-time student living 150+ miles away, as soon as I started to use the postal service, it immediately & significantly changed the benefit I could gain from the library.”

The Postal Loans and Photocopies service is available to staff and students and the service is offered on a pre-paid subscription basis and provides access to Library collections for users who have difficulty accessing them in person. These may be:

  • students registered on distance mode courses
  • users who live at a distance from the Institute
  • users with disabilities
  • users with work, family or other commitments that make accessing the library in Full Service hours difficult.

The feedback we have recieved from current users of the service has been overwhelmingly positive. For more information about registering as a Postal Loans and Photocopying Service user, see the dedicated page on our library website here: Postal Loans and Photocopy Service where you will find the appropriate registration forms so that you can start taking advantage of the service as soon as possible.

Some more testimonials:

“This Postal Loan Service is an excellent facility, and the personal attention and correspondence which accompanies it is also greatly appreciated. It’s very special to feel the library staff treat one as an individual and do their best to adapt the service to one’s circumstances.”

“as I am only in London about twice a term this has given me far greater access to resources than would have been possible if I had to wait to try to access everything during visits to the library. I have always found the service very reliable and speedy and it is much appreciated.”

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