Mary and David Medd: “mind map” of networks

I did a teaching session for MA students last night who were participating in the Understanding Education Research module here at the IOE.

The aim of the session was to introduce the use of archives. One of the things i think it’s key to remember about archive collections is that they can lead the user through interesting networks that may inform their research further. I don’t really think this can be represented in text so I came up with this mind map to demonstrate just some networks surrounding the lives of Mary and David Medd, school architects, whose papers we hold here at the IOE. I also included a few tips of a user might go about tracking down networks in archive collections.


.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }

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2 Responses to Mary and David Medd: “mind map” of networks

  1. stephen says:

    Hi Jessica
    Sounds like a good session – unfortunately I cant see the mind map – I just get a blank square with a little red cross in the corner.

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