Spires in Brno

I got a bit obsessed with doors during a visit to Finland last year. This year in the Czech Republic, I’m getting a bit fixated with turrets, towers, steeples and spires. Although I really admire these high-rise additions, it has dawned on me that they are not always necessary. Even so, a world without spires would be a bleak one.

I just spent a very busy day looking at very modern libraries at Masaryk University and although there was a distinct absence of spires in the architecture, there were definitely some soaring ceilings and a feeling of upward movement inside the libraries. It was also comforting to see that students and libraries are similar no matter where they are — heads down and thoughts soaring up. Perhaps we need to concentrate on the spires inside buildings with educational inspiration and aspiration.

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1 Response to Spires in Brno

  1. Gwyneth says:

    Those spires are glorious and the weather there looks like an inspiration too.

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