With a little more help from our Friends!

Following on from Becky’s blog last week, I would also like to add that the Friends of the Newsam Library and Archives AGM, held Tuesday 17th July, was indeed a very enjoyable and well attended event!
Since the Archivists and Library staff decided that the Friends group would benefit from a bit of an overhaul, we widened the net to draw in a bit of the library side of things too! So, as well as an update on the archives NUWT project lead by Katherine, we told the group about some of the library projects underway and the resources we’ve developed, in particular DERA– our full text electronic resource repository for UK Official Publications.
Following the presentations, we had a very interesting discussion about the freedom of information and finding ‘lost’ and unpublished government and quango research. And as many of the Friends were pioneers in the education sector, leading campaigns to improve the school experience, they were very interested in DERA. If you haven’t already tried using it, why not take a look? DERA provides perpetual electronic access to over 14,000 documents and counting; if you‘re looking for official information on education in the UK, it may just be the resource you’ve been waiting for! And, why not become a Friend too? For more information please contact us or ask at any of the library desks.

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