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Although the Library has a range of audiovisual and other resources available to PGCE students, see for example our Audiovisual Resources Online LibGuide, there are some sources only available to schools which might be worth keeping an eye out for when on school experience.

Two subscription services, covering primary and secondary sectors, are provided by Espresso Education. Both feature high-quality video and interactive resources, and are used widely in UK schools. To see samples follow these links:

Anyone can apply for access to some sample resources from this page (in green just under Espresso Primary – ‘Free sample’). When filling out the application form, please mark on the form that you are a PGCE student in study, and it will be clear to Espresso not to pick you up as a sales opportunity.

From this page, if you click on ‘Look inside Clipbank’, you can access an online sample version of Clipbank, and navigate it as you would the real thing. Most of the content is blocked, but you can access a small amount of content per subject, and the specially created news resources.

The other major supplier to schools is JCS under the JCS Online Resources brand. This service hosts a range of databases and other resources:

  • subject specific resources including full text databases, journals, e-books and multimedia
  • academic reference resources
  • newspaper archives
  • copyright-cleared images and videos
  • curriculum-mapped games and exercises

Many well known names appear under the JCS umbrella, including the Bridgeman Art Library, eChalk, Cengage Learning, and major educational publishers such as Hodder Education. To see what’s available go to:

If you’re working in a London school, also look out for the London Grid for Learning (LGfL). The site hosts a range of freely available and licensed resources – follow the ‘Learning Resources’ tab on the home page.

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