Not just presents

I know Christmas stuff has been in the shops for ages, so this contribution to the December event might seem a little late, but don’t forget to check the Curriculum Resources collection for primary classroom seasonal fare.

This year how about an international favour:

Mexico – The miracle of the first poinsettia : a Mexican Christmas story by Joanne Oppenheim

Sweden – Findus at Christmas & The Tomtes’ Christmas porridge, both by Sven Nordqvist

USA – Pedro: the angel of Olvera Street by Leo Politi

Poland – Marek and Alice’s Christmas by Jolanta Starek-Corile (several dual language versions including this one in Spanish)

France – L’Enfant au grelot by Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Africa – The night before Christmas in Africa by Jesse, Hannah, & Carroll Foster and A stork in a baobab tree by Catherine House

International – Three wise women by Mary Hoffman

To round off this selection, a Christmas musical celebration, ‘Children of the World’ by Mary Green and Julie Stanley, and for those of you of a practical nature, ‘The Christmas craft book’ by Thomas Berger (many of the ideas contributed by parents of the Vrije School in Zeist, Holland).

The Christmas card image is part of the Europeana 1914-1918 collection  and features a card sent by John Doolan while serving on the Western Front [].

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