Protest and campaigning in the archive

IOE students protest, c1970s

A new exhibition can be found in the IOE foyer covering the subject of protest and campaigning in the archive.

Collections held at the IOE archive include various examples of individuals and groups who have lead campaigns related to education. These include;

Brian Simon (campaign for equal secondary opportunities for all through comprehensive schooling, anti-Fascist campaigns)

National Union of Women Teachers (their own campaign for equal pay, along with numerous campaigns they supported such as removal of the marriage bar for women teachers, campaigns for world peace, campaigns for sex education in schools)

London Parents Ballot (campaign for a ballot regarding the transfer of responsibility for education services from the ILEA to local authorities)

Amelia Fysh (the Campaign for Drawing drew on the work of Fysh in encouraging teachers to collect examples of children’s work in reference to their development)

Rose Kosky (campaign to prevent funding cuts which would reduce the number of teaching staff employed by Barking and Dagenham Schools’ Psychologist Service)

Marina Foster (campaign against racism in children’s books, Campaign Against Racism in Education [CARE])

National Commission on Education (Campaign for State Education, Campaign for Equal Access to Primary Education for All, Campaign for the Advancement of State Education, Further Education Campaign Group)

Pre-school Learning Alliance (including Pre-scool Playgroup Association, sustained campaign for pre-school provision and education)

Bernarr Rainbow (Campaign for the Defence of the Traditional Cathedral Choir)

The IOE’s own archive collection also includes material related to campaigns fought by staff and students.

If you are interested in using campaign related material, whether for teaching or research, email us at, or pop into the archive office (just round the corner from the photocopiers in the library)

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