Child of our time

This week the BBC series following twenty-five children born in 2000 reaches the point where they transfer from primary to secondary school and become teenagers. The usual interesting blend of interview and documentary, this year’s two parts are broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday (27th & 28th February) at 9pm on BBC1.

We have the whole series to date available in our Teaching Video collection, and we’ll be adding the 2013 programmes. As one of the children comments, “It’s quite scary seeing myself get older.” Further information about the series is available on the BBC programme website and the Open University’s OpenLearn site.

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2 Responses to Child of our time

  1. carol goddard says:

    Is it possible to buy the whole series on video?
    My grandson was born in Apr 2000 and my daughter (now living in the States)would so like to see the rest of the series she has missed.
    Thank you
    Carol Goddard

    • Antony says:

      Unfortunately the series isn’t currently available on DVD, in fact the only spin-off has been a book.
      Any video is only available on the two websites I mentioned in the blog post.

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