Beautiful Libraries

Obviously, beauty is relative, but even the hardened non-library user would be softened by this park-side view from the fabulous Malmo City Library — an extensive library bustling with users of all ages. There are numerous sections for younger users and even a secret room lit by sparkling ceiling lights, decorated by bright, painted walls and furnished with floor cushions. Now, not all of us have the space or finances to support such grand buildings, but it does suggest the question: ‘What is a library?’

Is a library the architecture and funky furniture as in Malmo University Library below?

Or is a library more the resources (real and virtual) and the users that use them? The more I visit libraries around the world, I’m beginning to think that libraries are more of the latter — although I can sure appreciate a beautiful setting when I see it.



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2 Responses to Beautiful Libraries

  1. Jessica says:

    To me it is a mixture of all three, as a library is a place for personal development. I do strongly believe that a beautiful environment helps people learn and stimulates creativity and innovative thinking. In them we not only gather information from the books and resources we consult, but we develop ways of learning, and with perseverence, learn for ourselves effective ways to study, explore and analyse. These concepts and methods don’t always come from a published resource.

  2. Chris says:

    I absolutely have to agree with you, Jessica. One doesn’t only visit a library to get access to the physical resources stored there, but to tap into an atmosphere that is dedicated to the absorption of knowledge.

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