Apartheid and after

South Africa has been foremost in the news recently, with its struggle for equality and enlightenment throughout the twentieth century.

If you want to know more about it, have a look in our Comparative Education Collection on Level 3 of the Library. We have several bays of books on education and society in South Africa specifically. The oldest one dates from 1900 and the latest ones have just come off the press.

For your convenience, works about Africa in general are grouped at 600, works about southern Africa at 680, and about the Republic of South Africa at 681 (note there are two sequences, at normal size and oversize). Older titles may be only in our Stores, so do look on the catalogue. Our enquiry librarians are happy to help you find the topics you are most interested in.

Moreover, our Curriculum Resources include a number of illustrated children’s books on Nelson Mandela. Most are filed at 323.1196, together with material on other black campaigners for equal rights, and most are for loan for eight weeks. There are also some films aimed at children available about these people who made history.

If you fancy some fiction, we have stories set in South Africa, both for children and for adults. You can look up “Novels” or “Picture books” together with your other keywords on the catalogue.

Finally, we put a link to the annual education statistics of the RSA’s Department for Education into our catalogue, so you can keep updated!

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