In honour of Open Education Week, a LibGuide on Open Education Resources

As it is Open Education week, I thought it was time to finalize our latest LibGuide – Open Education: OER and OA . OA and OER are ‘buddies’ (!) as you can see from the image below taken from the University of Michigan’s OER Toolkit because they both promote resources that are freely available.

Source: University of Michigan OER Toolkit

The difference between the two, as you can see from the diagram is the need for the OER to include an open license, i.e. a Creative Commons license (you can find out more about the Creative Commons licenses from the LibGuide on IPR and Copyright).
The OER and OA LibGuide is organized by learning phase with separate tabs for Special Education and Lifelong Learning as clearly these areas intersect with all phases of learning.
We also want to also flag up the numerous research reports produced by organisations such as the Sutton Trust and NFER, as the increasing proliferation of non-governmental born-digital resources means it is almost impossible for us to keep up with these outputs on our online Library Catalogue.
Open Education resources are a great way of accessing teaching and learning resources and, (to quote OER commons, which is one of the biggest OER platforms), they are a great way to ‘discover, share and evaluate’ resources.
So, before you re-create teaching materials, why not check this guide first? You may want to bookmark this guide and keep updated on our regular featured resources column. And, if you discover new open access resources which are not listed, please let us know so that we can add them.

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