LILAC… not a plant but living and lively

poster for blogLILAC (for those of you who believe librarians are grey creatures) stands for Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference and LILAC is celebrating its 10th anniversary at Shefffield Hallam University from 23-25 April. After two days of sessions and one to go, I can emphathise with students and their overwhelming sense of information overload. My last one hour session was actually 8 packed into a TeachMeet where we had to change tables every 8 minutes — a great way to keep an audience awake. These mini TED talks were on a variety of topics including improving references, blogging,  collaboration, etc. Yesterday, I was on hand with a poster Nazlin Bhimani and I created to summarise the Digital Literacies in Higher Education JISC project at the IOE (photo at left). Last night, the gala dinner was extra special as Nazlin was awarded the runner up  in the annual Information Literacy award made by LILAC. The award recognises ‘achievement in the field of information literacy in the UK’. There was a shortlist of six librarians and the winner was Jane Secker from LSE.  Congratulations to both Nazlin and Jane!

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