Donations from alumni

Donations from alumni are always wonderful things to add to the collection! I recently received a publication by Nikos Kiliaris called ‘Secondary Music education in Cyprus; a historical and philosophical perspective since 1960’.

Nikos studied here at the IOE in 2008 and, in addition to teaching music in secondary schools, he is a conductor and an active researcher in music education. His publication investigates the teaching of music in secondary schools in Cyprus- specifically the methods and contexts that are used. Consequently, his book is an interesting and authoritative study which draws on both historical and philosophical doctrines to produce a unique insight into musical instruction in Cyprus. More about Nikos’s research interests and involvement in music education can be found here.

Music education has always been a popular area in our collections; a simple search of the catalogue yields over 2000 book and journal titles covering all phases of education and many different countries and methods. We have 21 titles relating to music education in Cyprus alone- including Nikos’s original MA dissertation, which you can read in our library.

‘Secondary Music education in Cyprus; a historical and philosophical perspective since 1960’ has been added to our Comparative education collection, and is now available for loan.

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