Easter Entertainment

The Easter break may be the time to watch one of the new DVDs that has recently been added to the Library’s Education in Literature Collection.
There are new versions of old favourites Jane Eyre (starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender) and Goodbye Mr Chips (starring Martin Clunes).
Sarafina! is set in 1990s Soweto and is about schoolchildren protesting about the implementation of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in schools.
In The First Grader, after the Kenyan Government announces free primary education for all, Maruge, who is 84, tries to enrol in his local rural primary school. His fight for an education becomes an extension of the struggle for independence that he was involved in as a member of the Mau Mau in the 1950s.
Cracks (starring Eva Green) is set in a boarding school in the 1930s. The relationship between a clique of girls and their diving teacher ends in tragedy.
Another film that explores the pupil-teacher relationship is the South Korean film The Harmonium in my Memory. A young teacher from Seoul is sent to teach in a rural school where a 17 year old girl develops a crush on him.
Box sets are all the rage and the 3 hours of the recent television adaptation of Winnifred Holtby’s novel South Riding (starring Anna Maxwell Martin and David Morrisey) will help to pass a rainy afternoon or two.

By Beverley Hinton

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