S. F. Said writes about the opening of the Children’s Book Corner in the Newsam Library at UCL IOE

On 30th March, the children’s author, S.F. Said, opened the Children’s Book Corner in the Newsam Library at the UCL Institute of Education.  The brain child of Sue McGonigle, Tutor in Primary Education and Sally Perry, Curriculum Resources Librarian, the Children’s Book Corner, was set up to encourage student teachers to look at ways in which they can motivate their students to read for pleasure, and to experience first-hand what a children’s book corner could look like in a school or in the classroom.

As you can see from the photos, the event was a great success!   In his inspiring and heartfelt opening, S. F. Said emphasised the importance of reading for pleasure and the importance of teachers and librarians, “Teachers and librarians have never mattered more. They’re the ones who keep the flame of literacy alive; they shape our future!” We couldn’t agree more!  The author’s views on the power of fiction to bring people together and heal differences can be heard on this Radio 4 recording for the series Thought.  S.F. Said writes:

“I’m a huge fan of libraries.  I write my books in them, and I couldn’t do my work without them.  So it was an absolute honour to be asked to open the new children’s book corner in the Institute Of Education Library!

The Institute Of Education trains student teachers, who then go out and apply what they’ve learned in classrooms around the country.  This book corner offers them a brilliant resource, to help them learn how to bring books to life for young readers.

It supports the idea of reading for pleasure, which is something I believe in very strongly. Reading should be fun, and books should be a great thing to display in classrooms, as this book corner shows!

It was also wonderful to hear about work that teachers have done with my books.  I’m always humbled and inspired to learn that Varjak Paw or Phoenix has been shared and enjoyed in a school.  So a huge thank you to the Institute Of Education, to the brilliant Sue McGonigle for inviting me – and to all teachers who have kept the Way alive!”

About Nazlin Bhimani

Research Support and Special Collections Librarian, UCL Institute of Education, London
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1 Response to S. F. Said writes about the opening of the Children’s Book Corner in the Newsam Library at UCL IOE

  1. tralee68 says:

    We have book corners in every classroom in our school, with a themed display which is usually based on the class novel/read aloud. They are brilliant for promoting children’s books and can really offer opportunities for children to be introduced to less well known authors.

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