Recently I took a look at which were the most borrowed DVDs in the ‘Education in Literature Collection’. The above is a chart of the results. There are more frequently borrowed DVDs such as The History Boys, To Sir, with love and Mean Girls. Those titles were added to the collection at the request of a tutor and could be regarded as ‘course work’ rather than leisure viewing. The  DVDs featured in the pie chart are ones which I chose to purchased for inclusion in the‘Education in Literature Collection’.

It is interesting that six of the top ten are foreign language films. Three (Monsieur Lazhar, In the house and Au revoir les enfants) are in French, The wave=Die welle is in German, Twenty-four eyes= Nijushi no hitomi is in Japanese and Like stars on earth= Taare zameen par is in Hindi. The Emperor’s Club is an American Film and the remaining three (If, It’s great to be young and Hunky Dory) are British films.

The popularity of foreign language films is a reflection of the diversity of the students and staff at UCL IOE. Perhaps it also shows an adventurous spirit amongst viewers.



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