Stuck on researching methods? Try ‘Sage Research Methods Online’

Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) is an online resource that provides information and instruction on research methods in the health and social sciences. It is accessible by from the list of databases and by authenticating with your UCL username and password if you are working from outside the Institute.

SRMO is designed to answer methods questions that arise during the various stages in the research process, including the literature search, review, research design, data collection, analysis, and write up. This online resource gathers together information contained in 6 dictionaries, 5 encyclopaedias, 148 journal articles, 26 videos, and 632 books (including the 164 Little Green Books and 48 Little Blue Books which have only been available in print until now). The Little Green Books and the Little Blue Books focus on quantitative and qualitative research methods which have only been available in print until now).

The resource has a sophisticated visual search tool, the “Methods Map”, which shows relationships between various terms, methodologies and the experts in the different disciplines. These display the relationships between the terms and related content. You can use Boolean logic (AND, OR and NOT) to combine search terms, add synonyms and exclude content on SRMO. The database also allows you to save your results in the “Methods Lists” and share them on social media. Further, references can be downloaded using different bibliographic software such as EndNote and Zotero.

To make the most of this resource, you are advised to watch the instructional videos at

You may also want to look at the LibGuide produced by Sage at

About Nazlin Bhimani

Research Support and Special Collections Librarian, UCL Institute of Education, London
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