Education around the world.


Attending school, college or university or being a teacher at an educational establishment is an experience shared by many people in countries from around the world. The UCL IOE student and teaching body is composed of people from over 100 countries. Although many will have similar experiences there will also be interesting differences.

Reading about the experiences of pupils and teachers at schools, colleges and universities can tell us a lot about how the educational experience and educators are regarded in a particular place and time. Films and television series add to our understanding of these themes.

Whilst the majority of books in the ‘Education in Literature Collection’ are in English, many of the films are in a foreign language with English subtitles. A selection of books and DVDs are currently on display with a map showing their country of origin.

It is strikingly obvious that the collection needs to include more items from Australasia and from the countries of South America. Please tell a member of library staff if you can think of any books or films which show the educational experience at any level and from the point of view of either pupils or staff.

There is not enough room on the display shelves for all the books and DVDs shown on the world map. If you would like one of the other items, please look below on the other shelves. Paper slips with the heading ‘Education around the world’ will make these items stand out.

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