Don’t judge a collection by its title

You could potentially be missing out on a great read or an entertaining DVD if you find the name ‘Education in Literature Collection’ off putting. The criteria for inclusion in the Collection is ‘novels, poetry, plays and DVDs about the educational experience at all levels and from the viewpoint of both pupils and staff’. But there is plenty of scope within that remit to cover several different genres.

It may be surprising but the genre with the most titles is that of crime fiction. There are books by British stalwarts including The Night of the Twelfth / Michael Gilbert  and Cat among the pigeons / Agatha Christie. More recent titles from Britain include The Ofsted murders / Gary Sargent and Gentlemen and players / Joanne Harris. Crime novels from America include The Secret history / Donna Tartt ,The Lake of dead languages / Carol Goodman and A Death in the faculty / Amanda Cross.

There are novels that prove the universal appeal of the crime genre including A Land without Jasmine / Wajdi al-Ahdal from Yemen, Secrets and lies / Jaishree Misra from India and Ancient rites / Diale Tlholwe from South Africa.

On a lighter note books to make you laugh include Spud / by John van de Ruit ,Teacher, Teacher! : the alternative school logbook, 1977-1978 / Jack Sheffield or Skippy dies / Paul Murray. SPUD2

Books which can be described as ‘a good long read’ include To Serve them all my days / R. F. Delderfield, The Power of one / Bryce Courtenay or South Riding : an English landscape / Winifred Holtby.

If plays are your thing we have several including The History boys / Alan Bennett, Educating Rita / Willy Russell or the classic The Browning version : a play in one act / Terence Rattigan. We also have DVDs of film versions of all three plays.History Boys

For those of you who prefer your reading to have a more factual basis we have a selection of biographies including Teacher Man : a memoir / Frank McCourt , The Unexpected professor : an Oxford life in books / John Carey  or A Good school : life at a girls’ grammar school in the 1950s / Mary Evans.

Those of you who enjoyed reading boarding school stories when you were younger could try Cracks / Sheila Kohler, Friendly fire / Patrick Gale or The Cactus Valley Boarding School / Sandra Joy.

There really is something for everyone because if you want a scary read try The Perils and dangers of this night / Stephen Gregory. For fans of Science Fiction there is Flowers for Algernon / Daniel Keyes .Nancy Spain


Novels with LGBT themes include Poison for teacher/Nancy Spain, She’s my dad/ Iolanthe Woulff and Embrace/ Mark Behr.

Please come and have a browse through the collection on Level 4 of the Library. Even if you do not find a book that takes your fancy you may find a DVD to watch.



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