Calling International Students

Users of the UCL Institute of Education Library can find international resources in a variety of places:

Yet aside from an abundance of  physical and virtual resources, our richest source of information is often our international students. There is so much we can learn from them which is the aim of the Country/Student Focus page in the International Education LibGuide.

This is a call to all international students and staff to share and compare their education experiences.  The International Education LibGuide will feature a particular country and student each month and the first focus page features the lovely Thu Thu from Myanmar (Burma) here.

thu-thu-3If any other student or staff would like to write a similar piece, please fill out the form here. You only need to provide three things:

  • a brief description of yourself (100 words or less) and optional photo,
  • a brief description of your experience ofeducation in your country (200 words or less) and
  • a useful resource (book, article..) of education in your country (check Explore,  suggest  a publication for us to buy or email me  for help).

During this gloomy time with talk of building walls, let’s concentrate on building bridges.

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