Focus on Greece

It’s so heartening to have such a diverse student population at UCL and to find out what wondrous things they do in their own countries.   The International Education LibGuide’s March Student/Country Focus features Maria Chalari from Greece. Below is just a taster….

Ya sas!

My name is Maria Chalari, and I am from Greece. I am a recent graduate of the UCL Institute of Education of the department of Education, Practice and Society. I completed my doctorate thesis in the Spring of 2016 under the supervision of Stephen Ball, and in August 2016 I was awarded the degree of Doctor in Education in the field of Sociology of Education. 

My research project aimed to explore how teachers experience the socio-economic crisis in Greece and the new challenges that stem from it; to discuss the purpose of education and the role it should play in preparing young people for this social, cultural and economic transition; to learn more about how we can build on the strengths of the present education system in order to create a system better suited to the current major societal changes and the challenging circumstances.

Throughout my study, I attempted to examine the consequences of the crisis at the time of the research, while also exploring the possibilities of a better world beyond the crisis. I also endeavoured to send a positive message, by helping educators understand the issues of teaching and learning and the purpose of education, and by encouraging them to think of practical and hopeful strategies for shaping alternative and better futures….

You can read more about Maria Chalari and education in Greece on the International Student/Country Focus page here.

You might also sample Maria’s suggested resource that can be found in the UCL IOE Library here:

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