Changes to how visitors get IOE Library cards coming into effect 1st July 2017


The number of visits to the IOE Library has increased by 70% since the merger of IOE with UCL. While it is fantastic that our library is so popular the huge increase in visitors has inevitably meant we have had to review how we deliver our services so that we can maintain the levels of excellence to which we aspire. One of these is to provide a safe and secure environment within the library and ensure everyone visiting is a bona fide user. This means there are some changes in the procedure for issuing IOE Library cards.

From the 1st July 2017 we will only make IOE Library cards at the Membership Desk on your first visit if you have emailed us in advance:

  1. If you email giving one full working days’ notice we will ensure that there is a card waiting for eligible users when you arrive at IOE Library
  2. If you haven’t emailed before you visit us we will check your ID, ask you to fill out an application form, and then give you a paper reference day ticket giving you immediate reference access to the IOE Library – your IOE Library card will be ready when you next visit us.
  3. This means that if you are eligible for a borrower’s card and you want to borrow the first time you come to the IOE Library you need to email us in advance

See the details of our membership categories and what ID and proof of address you may need to bring here. Please remember that once you get an IOE Library card, you must bring it with you to access the IOE Library.



You can fill out an application form and get a day paper reference ticket and pick up your IOE Library ID when the Membership Desk is open. The IOE Library Membership Desk is open:

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 6:50pm

Saturday: 9:30am – 4:50pm



Thank you,

IOE Library Membership team

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