Spotlight on the NUT donation: the work we’ve done and the work still to come!

In December 2016, the Library gratefully received a donation of 380 pamphlet boxes which were formerly housed in the Library of the National Union of Teachers. The NUT is now part of the National Education Union which came into existence on 1st September 2017 following the merger of National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

We were hugely excited when the donation arrived. The NUT Library collection represented the interests and campaigning activities of the Union as a whole and we are honoured to have the opportunity to add a significant part of the collection to our holdings here.

As you can imagine, managing a donation of this scale is no small undertaking, as illustrated by the photo below:

Some of the boxes donated by the NUT Library

Over the past year, members of the Collection Development Team have carefully checked the donated items against our existing holdings. The items selected for retention have been grouped together according to the organisation responsible for publication and there are a fascinating range of organisations represented, including publications produced by the major political parties, think tanks, charities and pressure groups.

Our approach to sorting and managing this donation has also allowed us to make decisions about how we prioritise items for cataloguing. We felt that as the donation originated with the NUT, it made sense for us to focus on the published output of the NUT first.

Over the next days, we’ll be publishing a series of posts relating to some of the exciting items that we’ve discovered during the initial sorting and de-duplication of the donation. These items are all published by the NUT and cover, amongst other things, discipline in schools, child nutrition, outdoor education, metrication and even includes a ‘lament for a lost soul’.

The scale of the donation means that these items have not yet been catalogued – that is the next stage in this exciting project. However, any researchers with an interest in the activities and achievements of the National Union of Teachers are encouraged to visit our LibGuide which includes information on the access arrangements that we have put in place for these uncatalogued items.

If you’d like to find out more about other items received in the NUT donation, please see our LibGuide.

About Dan O'Connor

Subject Liaison Librarian at the UCL Institute of Education Library
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