A New Home for the “Education in Literature Collection”

Until recently, the Education in Literature Collection was shelved at one end of the Library Teaching Room on Level 4. However, whilst it is still on the same level, the books and DVDs that comprise the collection have found a new home on the white metal shelves in the Social Area next to the stairwell.The collection’s more prominent position makes it much easier to locate a specific item or to browse the shelves for inspiration.20190719_112126

The Education in Literature contains novels which span a wide selection of genres from Classics (The Professor by Charlotte Bronte), Crime (Cat among the pigeons by Agatha Christie),  Humour (Teacher, Teacher by Jack Sheffield) to Science Fiction ( Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes).20190729_144732

There is also a selection of plays (including The History Boys by Alan Bennett), autobiographies  (including Educated by Tara Westover) and foreign novels in translation ( including  Such Fine Boys by Patrick Modiano). The items in the collection explore the educational experience at all levels and from the perspectives of both pupils and teachers in many countries.


Films or TV series with an educational setting, be it a school or university, give us an insight into the way education and educators are regarded in different places. As well as DVDs from the United Kingdom and the United States, there are films from France, Spain, Germany, India, China, Australia, and Canada. All foreign language films have English subtitles.


All books may be borrowed for 8 weeks and DVDs for 7 days .If an item is featured on a specific reading list, the loan period is 7 days in the case of a book and 1 day for a DVD.


The relocation of the Education Collection means it is now part of the Library’s Social Area and there are plenty of comfortable seats to make browsing and reading easy. Come and have a look for yourselves.



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2 Responses to A New Home for the “Education in Literature Collection”

  1. Blog Editor says:

    I hope you have Up the Down Staircase, the classic 1960s NYC high school epistolary novel?

    • bhinton2014 says:

      Yes, there is a copy of Bel Kaufman’s book “Up the Down Staircase” in the Education in Literature Collection. The classmark is LIT. COLL KAU .

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