Fascinating facts from our DERA repository

Amongst 12-year old children in Scotland, over 70% of boys want to continue their education after their GCSE’s – so do over 80% of girls.



While over 50% of graduates declare a great deal of interest in politics, less than 20% of those without any qualifications do.

In the referendum on leaving the European Union, 70% of citizens over 75 and 81% of those aged 65-74 turned out, but only 48% of those under 25 years of age.

Fascinating facts, which you may have read in the papers or heard on the radio during the past years. How can you verify them, date them, quote them, or research the issues some more? Read more on Newsam News.

I assume you go online and try to find something that looks serious, perhaps a report from a government department or a study from a think tank. I suggest you look for such papers in our electronic repository DERA (Digital Education Resource Archive).


But why, if they are also available at the source? The answer is that they may not be there any more in the future, or that their location may change on the original website. Bodies also change name, merge, or are dissolved, taking their webpages and publications with them.


More and more government or research papers have never been printed. So where is the authoritative copy to refer to? This is where our digital archive comes in.

If you quote from DERA, the document will stay the same, and and access will be preserved permanently. The document will open directly, or a page offering you a pdf will come up.

You will be able to set up your citation easily because we have prepared the relevant information on authors and publishers for you. Our record will also include information about the copyright, often with links to the conditions of re-use.

(You will find an example at the bottom of this blogpost. You will also see that some images have been blacked out because they are copyright protected.)

You can search and browse DERA directly at https://dera.ioe.ac.uk/; there are an advanced search function and a long list of organisations. Our LibGuides have a page explaining how to customise the library catalogue or a search engine to find sources from the repository.

Good luck in hunting for facts and figures, policy analyses and policy proposals, comparative studies and case studies. The Digital Education Resource Archive is always at your fingertips… and do not forget that librarians are always there to help you!

Sources of Graphs:

https://dera.ioe.ac.uk//33762/ : Life at age 12 : initial findings from the Growing Up in Scotland study. (2019)

https://dera.ioe.ac.uk//24684/ : The effect of higher education on graduates’ attitudes : secondary analysis of the British Social Attitudes Survey. (2015) [ BIS research paper ; 200 ]

https://dera.ioe.ac.uk/32186/ : Political disengagement in the UK: who is disengaged? (2018) [House of Commons Library Briefing Paper ; CBP-7501, 14 September 2018]

Cover page image copyright: Whitehall, London students protest against fees and cuts by Chris Beckett. https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjohnbeckett/5205974811/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjohnbeckett/ Licensed under CC BY 2.0 / image cropped. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

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