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“Liberty, Fraternity, Labour” : histories of adult education in Germany

What we take for granted today had to be gained in tiny steps, had to be fought for in endless campaigns: learning to read; having something to read; learning to write; being free to write what you think; learning to … Continue reading

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Knowledge manufacture at the IOE

Intellectuals like to see themselves as constructors or producers of knowledge – artists and academics, too, make things! Indeed, the Institute of Education, and all of UCL, are huge construction, manufacturing, and storage sites, by which I do not mean … Continue reading

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An Erasmus week in Wonderland

Looming gothic spires and elegant baroque buildings… oddly-shaped squares and cobblestoned lanes… rivers and canals cutting across the network of roads and boulevards… flat land full of bikes and then some steep slopes. Which cities of Europe come to your … Continue reading

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Teaching resources about refugees – II

Amongst the hundreds of academic books that reach the Newsam Library every month, a colourful cover caught my eye, with two people crossing an orange desert under a deep-blue sky lit by a dazzling moon. This painting is in fact taken from the … Continue reading

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When books are banished or school is trademarked: dystopian novels in our libraries

Did you know that Senate House, the striking high-rise building next to the main UCL campus, features in two different very dark futuristic novels: The day of the triffids by John Wyndham (1951) and 1984 by George Orwell (1949)? Orwell’s Ministry of Truth … Continue reading

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Teaching resources about refugees – I

Refugees have at last arrived in our library… at least on paper. On this blog, we have already described a collection of books without words originally created for refugees, and we shall tell you more about resources for and about refugee children and other … Continue reading

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The spooky BOOC : books with talking heads and books on white walls

When I was little, a book was a book. It did not have buttons to press to produce squeaky sounds or sacks of felt puppets to re-enact the story. It did not give links to online videos or interactive maps … Continue reading

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