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Social networks — in papercraft and calligraphy

Social networks — in papercraft and calligraphy Did you have a friendship album when you were little? My teachers in primary school were mobbed for entries into our ‘poetry albums’, as they were known in German; my father wrote a … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon art and life – for children and teachers

Golden knots hammered out on jewellery, golden knots painted around pages… a golden knot of letters forming the word ‘Book’, a golden grid of letters with an inbuilt riddle… This exhibition at the British Library held me spellbound, almost as … Continue reading

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The spooky BOOC : books with talking heads and books on white walls

When I was little, a book was a book. It did not have buttons to press to produce squeaky sounds or sacks of felt puppets to re-enact the story. It did not give links to online videos or interactive maps … Continue reading

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Books to make your eyes pop out

One of the new picture books at the UCL Institute of Education, Librarian (2017), takes us to a public library for its 50th birthday – a very apt story at a time when so many public libraries get closed. One boy stands … Continue reading

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‘Alice in Wonderland’: from quaint tea-tins to magic mushrooms

You see yourself and the world around you slightly warped in large mirrors; you follow hypnotic black-and-white spirals and signs asking you to turn corners; you are sucked into the picture of a lurid purple and turquoise room, with bottles of … Continue reading

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The tiger who came out of the page

For you, the moment of recognition might be the Tiger who came to tea and peacefully took a seat at your mum’s kitchen table; or Aslan, the giant benign lion, jumping out of the pages of the Chronicles of Narnia; … Continue reading

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Open Days at the British Library in 2014

The British Library’s Doctoral Open Days, aimed at first year PhD students who are new to the Library, are a chance for PhD students to discover the national library’s unique research collections. From newspapers to maps, datasets to manuscripts, ships’ … Continue reading

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